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    As industry is developing rapidly, and water consumption is more and more big, the water shortage, has exerted an important industrial production factors restricting; Together with the serious pollution of the environment, water quality deterioration, make water treatment need more to scientific and economic, therefore it must be reasonable water, Reasonable water, make industrial production realize low investment, yield benign investment operation.     

   Changzhou chunjiang chemical Co., LTD. Is located in theclear waters jiangnan water, huning highway. In line with the principle of science and technology is popular the factory, Combined with our country's water quality characteristics and many domestic user successfully using water treatment developed advanced experience, with the domestic leading level Water in the SL series products. Special series water treatment agent for the successful development of the domestic customers, providing a more advanced and reliable water treatment Technology and the road of development in the 21st century, science is the first productive force, we are more committed to water treatment field, specialty chemicals open Hair and application, create the water treatment with Chinese characteristics, which ranks among the world's road gripes water treatment industry.     
    Companies in the "pragmatic, honest, high quality, and high efficiency" principle. "Rely on technology, excellent enterprising", sincerely for the society, serve the public.


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